Splitter Not Working Easy Solution To Fix

If the splitter is not working on your computer, you should check out these troubleshooting tips.

1) Keep your screens on as well as your video source, BUT unplug the power cable and HDMI cables from the HDMI splitter. 2) Reconnect the display to the splitter and wait a few seconds, then reconnect the power cables to the splitter and wait a few seconds.

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    splitter not working

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    I’m focusing on a home setup where I can split my network branch to use two computers on one side and two modem ports on the other side (thus a 2-1-2 setup). next main parameter :

  • 1 long) (the most gigabit TV network between two computers and my hub.
  • 2 ISDN RJ45 splitters
  • Cat 3 cables means between two computers and one splitter, and two Cat cables means five cables between another splitter and modem ports.
  • splitter not working

    However, if I have cables connected to the modem and I just send (cable PC) to the splitter, one Neither PC can connect (it just says hit is not connected). time, every time I completely install one of the cables from the side of the modem, it starts working again.

    I understand that this should work due to the fact that while I have the concept connected to the second modem port, but I can’t get IT to work. Do I need alternative cables? Or is this an approach that no longer works?

    I fully understand that this is also an unpopular method (and something like real fruit would be better), I have always tried to keep the cost down for a short period of time, and using two long cables is unfortunately not an option.

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    requested on January 15, 2018 until 20:55.

    Denise ZotemanDenis Zoeteman


    Why is my audio splitter not working?

    By uninstalling and reinstalling, I would suggest updating the drivers (multiple times) from within Windows. Run the audio-only troubleshooter (for both playback and recording). Check for updates for Dolby.

    Does audio splitter work with mic?

    Most headphone splitters cannot be used with microphones. Indeed, different hubs are used for output and input, typically a TRRS (tip-ring-ring-sleeve) connection on the side and a microphone TRS (tip-ring-sleeve) TS or (tip-sleeve) connection on the headset.

    How do I reset my HDMI Splitter?

    To reset the HDMI splitter, unplug the power board or power cord from the DC outlet; and then you reprogram the situation.

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