What Causes Sound Recording On Obs Desktop And How To Fix It

If you see a desktop audio recording error code on your computer, you should check out these recovery methods. Launch OBS.Go to settings”.Select Audio.Select the Desktop Audio Device menu.Choose the right recording device.Then go to the “Microphone/Auxiliary Audio Device” section to make sure you’re using the best sources.Click Apply, then click OK.Also check and see if OBS is recording a certain sound.

Remove Audio From This Video

Please note that a screenshot is required for OBS. No pure audio commerce. You need a separate solution that can isolate sound. For example, customers can now use UniConverter to convertconvert video to audio, or use a format file to extract audio from video, etc.

Why is OBS not capturing desktop audio?

OBS is generally a popular and powerful accessory that contains many video recording and streaming features. However, it is not immune to mistakes. Some users complain that desktop music stops working or saves in OBS for no reason. If you have the same problem, don’t worry. We have looked at 6 effective fixes that will help you solve the problem.

Desktop Audio Properties

The first thing you can check is the sound settings of the volume mixer settings. You can easily control the volume of all running apps with the volume mixer setting. If this setting is very quiet or for OBS, it will definitely not record computer audio.

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Part 1: How To Record Desktop Audio With OBS Studio On Windows/macOS

For a Beginner The user interface of OBS Studio may seem too complex, so you may not be able to use it to get audio from your desktop with this package. Do not worry. Here is the exact guide on how to get sound on many Windows and Mac displays using Studio obs. Now let’s go inside.

Recording Audio With Windows Voice Recorder

This method only applies to audio used externally from a PC. While you can’t use it for internal recording, using it for microphone viewing is a good choice. It is suitable for beginners and drug addicts as has a user-friendly interface. Make sure your microphone is always on before using it.

Steps To Fix OBS Desktop Audio Not Working

Four troubleshooting methods can be used to fix desktop audio not working Desktop Install OBS Treatment on all your post PCs. However, before starting the trial period mentioned below, please check and uninstall most other third-party programs that can control the sound on your PC, such as Realtek Gaming Software, Nahimic, etc.

obs recording desktop audio

Desktop In MacOS

For some reason, recording audio from your home PC is not a native feature of macOS, so you’ll need to download a third-party tool to help you. I usually follow the advice from this YouTube video. So here are the steps.

obs recording desktop audio

How To Fix Broken Sound. OBS

In order to be able to record desktop audio sometimes undeniably, in my case I am using Ubuntu Linux, we need to match the input source. However, to confirm that the pulse sound driver works too, for me :

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Why Can’t I Turn On The Work Sound?Why A Desktop Only In OBS?

If OBS Studio is muted at the end of the mixer volume, there will certainly be no desktop audio. So the first troubleshooting step is to check your volume mixer. 1) Right-click the speaker icon on the taskbar, then click Open Volume Mixer. 2) Click on the speaker icon under OBS to re-enable this app.

Make Sure The Audio Track Is Correct

If changing the desktop audio doesn’t help, check the audio track and see if is a troublemaker. You need to make sure that the selected audio track is correct. Otherwise, the OBS data will not become the sound of the game, which means it’s time to make sure that the sound track is correct by following the described steps.

How To Record Sound From The Game Using OBS

At that time Just as most PC game centers offer their customers an immersive visual experience, some cool games have better sound components. Therefore, you should keep the sound quality of these games on your PC. Fortunately, there are Lots of ring recording tools. OBS Studio stands for Open Broadcaster Software and the concept is a free and open source device that allows you to capture an LCD monitor, record audio and stream media. It is available in different levels, which means that OBS will record game sounds on your Windows and Mac computers, and even Linux PCs for audio recording.

How do I record my screen with sound on OBS?

OBS Studio is a good powerful screen and broadcast tool. Apart from live streaming content, your current open source software can also easily record laptop screens and capture audio. The user-friendly toolbar offers a range of customization features for high quality video.

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How do I record my desktop audio?

Want to know how to get the best computer sound? Here we present exclusive recording applications, including online recording. n-recorder for computer monitor, desktop programs and built-in tool.

How do I add desktop audio to OBS?

In OBS Settings -> Audio you can set up all captures from 2 Windows output detectors as speakers or headphones and #4 Windows input devices as microphones or maybe line-in.If you need more than 2 output devices, you can enable them as the audio source. In some source windows, click + to add a capture audio output source. If you need the same secondary device in multiple activities and are adding this source to help with your other scenes, be sure to use the Add Existing option.

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