How To Fix Your Activity Not Showing In Discord

If you’re learning to view your activity on a Discord error, this guide should help.

Launch a family game and open Discord.Click on the settings gear in the cheapest left corner.Click Activity Status. ‘The game you are playing should preferably appear automatically.Scroll down to see the specific list of games you have already completed.

How To Connect Your PlayStation Network Account To Discord

Have you ever managed any of… *scrolls through some lists of integrations*…eleven other services that our group is currently offering in Discord? integration for ? It’s a very similar process, but if this is your first time connecting a different account to Discord, let’s catch up:

how to show your activity on discord

Can I Get Discord To Show What I’m Playing Again?

If you change your mind , you can re-enable the current option at any time. You just need to follow the steps above and then enable Show recent activity as a message in the Activity Status tab.

How Do I View My Discord Video Game Activity?

If you usually want to see a list of games that you don’t usually remember, you can easily checkHave it in your game project. To do this, follow a few handy steps:

how to show your activity on discord

Discord Game Activity

To hide your activity in the Discord field, you need to go to user settings and then to activity status. Once you’re on the activity status page, you can simply turn off our custom indicator called “Show current physical activity as a status message” to display your in-game activity!

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This prompted Citron and his team, after the failure of Fates Forever, to start working on a state-of-the-art VoIP system built with contributors that don’t rely on older, more mature technologies and don’t require users to share IP addresses. The software was released to the public in May 2015, and since then the app has built up a huge user base of PC gamers. While Discord has a traditional chat app, it also has clients for macOS, Windows, Android, and iOS. The instance is best known for its VoIP interface, which allows you to send messages orand call through a dedicated Discord server with zero latency, while also providing better game reception and recording than anything you’ve seen on Skype or Google Hangouts. /p>

What’s Your Discord Status?

Active Discord status indicates the same inconspicuous status as your Discord name. Discord Place is a flexible status update offering that allows users to choose between AFK mode, online, or personalized! This good name has four options: Online, Idle, Don’t Get Angry, Invisible, and Custom.

How to hide your private activities in Discord

Discord offers a -in called Rich Presence for games as well as app developers who want their designs to be part of the touch refresh people see on the type platform. To remove this feature:

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